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Nilsson Brandt, P.A. provides legal services to a broad range of businesses, financial institutions and individuals in the areas of banking, finance, real estate
and business entity formation and operations.


We are a small but highly experienced law firm located in the historic Flour Exchange Building in the central legal district of Minneapolis. Our size and low overhead, coupled with our experience, allow us to deliver big firm service without big firm cost.


Eric Nilsson has over 20 years of legal experience, covering large firms, major in-house legal departments, title insurance, government and solo practice. He has in-depth experience in a broad range of commercial and real estate transactions and disputes, from the straightforward to the complex.

Client Focused

Because of our in-house experience, we know what it’s like to be the client, and that the best approach to practicing law is a balanced approach, weighing risks, benefits, cost, and complexity to meet client needs and objectives in a thorough, yet cost effective manner.